Compton House Heritage Inn
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Compton House - Home of
Cod Sounds Cookery School

Lori McCarthy is dedicated to preserving the cultural food of Newfoundland and Labrador through her company Cod Sounds.

Whether you are a well-seasoned cook or a food enthusiast, we all continue to learn and we are sure we have a class to inspire you. Loris core values embrace locally sourced regional cuisine and this is reflected in her food experiences and her cooking classes.

The classes are hands-on and explore the art of well crafted food steeped in the cuisine of our province. With a traditional and modern approach the techniques and dishes are created with a strong Newfoundland and Labrador perspective. From breads and pastries, to rabbit ravioli, cheese making, charcuterie and butchery you are well fed in every class, whether you make it yourself or it's a dish we craft together. Learn the stories of our cultural foods and locally sourced ingredients, such as wild game, pork, lamb and vegetables, that are weaved into our dishes and presented with a modern flair.

Discover a shared cooking and dining experience in the beautiful Compton House Heritage Inn, just minutes from the downtown core in what was once the old St. John’s cottage and farmland area.



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